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Coal tips surveys

Detection of structural deformation, ground movement and water regimes. Identify and monitor invasive plant species 


Cliff monitoring

Detection of structural deformation, quantification of eroded surfaces, risk assessment and cliff erosion prediction. 


construction progress, structural monitoring, pipe monitoring, vertical column monitoring, creating 3D site models, project management, capturing up-to-date images of the site, and tracking equipment and materials.  


Farmland Monitoring

Crop Health Assessment, Yield Estimation, Field Mapping, Drought Monitoring, Precision Application, Weed Management, Early Disease Detection, Crop Planning, Time and Labor Savings, Environmental Sustainability, and farmland database management.  

Scientific Research

Development of change detection algorithms; drone mapping techniques; close-range photogrammetry; and computational framework for environmental impact assessment.  


Topographical surveys

Landscaping, drainage information, watercourses, isolated trees, building roof surveys, etc. 

Flood and coastal erosion surveys

Beach modeling and monitoring, flood risk maps, and coastal erosion risk management. 


Pipelines and Equipment Monitoring

High-resolution digital imageries for visual inspection, leak detection, thermal imaging, Remote and Inaccessible Areas, Surveillance, Emergency Response and Risk Assessment.

Identify and Monitor Invasive Plant Species

Advanced imaging technology to efficiently and accurately survey large areas; capturing detailed imagery to identify invasive plant species based on their unique visual characteristics; rapid response and targeted control measures from regular drone surveys; quick detection of invasive plant species growth; and quantification and segmentation of Invasive Plant Species.  . 

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